San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling in San Antonio

Are you tired of the cramped, stuffy feeling in your kitchen? Want something more airy and elegant? Looking to replace outdated or worn cabinets, flooring, appliances or other aspects of your kitchen design into a more modern, accessible style?

Whether you need to expand your kitchen space and update it to match contemporary trends, or you want to focus on creating a more rustic, inviting space for close family and friends, Texas Trophy Remodeling has you covered. From a cozy kitchen nook that’s perfect for quiet evenings, to a more open, light and modern look that’s perfect for large get-togethers with friends and family, there’s no better choice for kitchen remodeling in San Antonio than Texas Trophy Remodeling.

A Modern Update Focused on Health and Safety

Today’s kitchens are not an accurate reflection of your parents’ or even your grandparents’ kitchens of yesteryear. New, modern construction techniques, improved, eco-friendly materials and more energy efficient fixtures as well as countertop options that are easy to clean and care for are just a few of the many ways that today’s kitchen remodeling in San Antonio has changed. Today’s new, energy efficient kitchen are designed to help you save money, time and energy. From beautiful appliances that fit with your decor while keeping food fresher and cleaner longer, to stunning looks that make cooking and cleanup a breeze, you’ll be amazed at how far kitchens have come in terms of aesthetics and convenience — even within the last decade!

What’s more, old kitchens can not only present as drafty and damp, they may also be a health hazard due to the presence of black mold and other common airborne bacteria owing to a humid environment. Don’t risk your health or the health of your family. A modern kitchen update can help prevent these issues as well as provide you with a safer, cleaner kitchen option. The last thing you want to deal with is unhealthy mold spores, bacteria or fungi hiding in your kitchen, and porous counter tops are the perfect place for them to be. That, coupled with the humidity from steam can create a hotbed of bacteria, and that’s the last thing you want in your kitchen! We recommend updating your kitchen with gorgeous new quartz or granite counter tops. We can install these beautiful new counter tops in your kitchen to help make it more attractive as well as cleaner and more sanitary.

A Wide Variety of Options, Colors and Styles

You may be surprised at just how unique your new kitchen remodel can look! From new flooring to granite counter tops and everything in between, including cabinet refinishing and replacement, you’ll have a wide range of options, colors and styles to create a kitchen that’s both open and comfortable. The great thing about granite counter tops is that no two are exactly alike, so you’re assured of having something unique and awe-inspiring in your kitchen that is sure to get you lots of compliments from your guests, friends and family!

Not sure how to proceed? No problem! Our kitchen remodeling experts in San Antonio can help! Let us work with you to help you choose the best options for your unique needs, budget and style. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll be amazed at the variety that’s available to help create the look you’ve always envisioned. When we come to you, we’ll do more than just provide you with a quote. We’ll take measurements and take the time to understand your vision for your kitchen renovation. Whether you want new counter tops, new cabinets or you want something more than just a renovation and want your entire kitchen remodeled, we can help!

The Inspiration You Need to Make Your Kitchen Look its Best!

We’ll listen carefully to your goals for your kitchen and we’ll not only provide you with an affordable estimate for the work, but also a clearly defined time frame, so you can start enjoying your new kitchen design sooner than you might think! If you’re not quite sure what you want, we have a vast portfolio of designs and gallery of work that is sure to take your breath away! You’ll be amazed at what we can do in any space, large or small. And, we make kitchen remodeling in San Antonio affordable too! We offer military discounts, senior discounts, combo discounts and more. We also work with some of the best local financing company to help make your dreams of home renovation even more affordable!

Get More than Just a Quote for Your Kitchen Remodeling in San Antonio!

Contact us today and take advantage of our experience and design know-how to help you create a gorgeous kitchen that guests, family and friends will simply marvel at. You won’t believe what’s possible with Texas Trophy Remodeling as your San Antonio kitchen remodeling experts! See why thousands of residents across San Antonio have chosen to rely on Texas Trophy Remodeling for our premier talent, our devotion to your complete satisfaction, our superior craftsmanship and our knowledgeable expertise in all things kitchen remodeling. From counter tops and cabinets to gorgeous new flooring, appliances and more, we invite you to see your kitchen in a whole new light with custom kitchen renovation in San Antonio by Texas Trophy Remodeling.

Need More than Just Kitchen Remodeling?

We’re much more than kitchen remodeling in San Antonio! We are a full service general contractor and also install counter tops and cabinets, as well as handle bathroom remodeling and renovation too. Need an addition on your home or remodeling handled from the ground up? Count on the San Antonio remodeling experts at Texas Trophy Remodeling to take care of every facet of your home renovation needs. Call us today and let us come to you to provide you with a free, no obligation quote as well as better understand your vision for your home remodeling project. Large or small, there’s nothing our professional contractors can’t handle with precision, accuracy and artistry. Call today to learn more or get your free estimate today!

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