Our Team

Clay G.

Clay is one of the principal owners at Texas Trophy Remodeling. Clay holds an undergraduate degree in Real Estate, and a Master’s degree in Finance.

He has 20 years of experience remodeling homes. He started with hands-on experience working on residential properties, and over the years worked his way into full-scale home remodeling projects. He uses his years of hands-on experience to create value in his real estate remodeling projects. From designing and supervising home remodeling projects, Clay’s passion is to bring value to customers through a detail-oriented approach to home remodeling.

Clay has extensive experience in construction management, management of contracting personnel, and team building.

Some of Clay’s hobbies include archery, water sports and golf. He also enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, and their two dogs Bentley and Songe.

Jeff M.

Jeff is the other principal owner at Texas Trophy Remodeling. Jeff holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, and 2 Master's degrees in Business.

Jeff has been renovating and remodeling homes for over 15 years. He started with hands-on experience working on residential homes, and later began supervising whole-home renovation projects. Jeff uses his strong attention to detail, and his passion for uncompromising quality to deliver superior finished projects to his clients.

Jeff also has extensive experience in client service, project supervision, and branding and marketing strategy.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys reading, weightlifting, and travel. He is happily married to his wife Adrienne.