Our Process

Welcome to our process page.

You’re ready to move forward with your home remodeling or renovation project, and you may be wondering how the process begins.  You may be feeling excited, overwhelmed, or even nervous about the process ahead… but don’t worry, that’s completely normal. 

This page will help you understand how our process works from start to finish.  Below we will explain each step in our process, and what each step entails.  You will learn what will happen during each step, as well as what you can expect from us, and what we will need from you.

We believe that a well thought-out and organized process is the best approach towards successfully achieving any home remodeling project.  We have also found that an organized approach reduces our client’s stress, and reduces the potential for miscommunications.

This is Our Process

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Explore Your Ideas, and Formulate Your "Must Have" Items
We recommend that you start your remodeling journey by exploring the internet for your likes, dislikes, and everything in between.  You can take a look through our portfolio for ideas.  You can also check out our projects on Houzz.com.  Of course, if you already know exactly what you want, then you are ahead of the curve!
Get Specific About Your Project Idea
Start thinking about what type of project are you looking to complete.  Would you like to remodel your kitchen by itself, or would you actually prefer to remodel your kitchen and add new hardwood flooring throughout your first floor?  Try to be as specific as possible with your idea.
Formulating a Budget
Do your best to estimate what you would like to spend.  We recommend that you research what a realistic budget might be for such a project.  There are great tools online to help with getting a general idea of remodeling costs.

We have learned that great communication is the best way to complete projects successfully and earn happy customers.  Remember, our number one goal is to please you!  So for that reason, we will need to ask lots of questions during our first phone call to learn how we can best serve you. 


Below are some topics we will usually need to discuss during our first phone call:


Your Key Information:

  1. Where is your home located?  -  We have a limited area in Texas that we serve, because we want to make sure we can manage your project with a high-degree of customer service and attention. Take a look at our service area page to find out if we work in your area.

  2. What type of project are you looking to complete? -  We love helping our clients transform their houses into their dream homes.  The better we can understand what you want to accomplish... the better we can complete your project.  We also want to make sure we are the right fit for you, so this question is an important one.

  3. Why do you want to do this project? -  If you can, please tell us a few reasons why you are ready to make such a significant investment in your home.  If we can understand your motivation, then we can make recommendations to help you best achieve your desires.

  4. When are you looking to have the project completed? - If you have a specific deadline in mind, such as a family reunion or the birth of a newborn, then please let us know so we can discuss how long your project design, permits and build-out might take.

  5. How much are you looking to invest? - Setting the right budget is a crucial element in any home remodeling project. Without the numbers lining up, you’ll be wasting your time. Let’s talk about what you are looking to spend.  If your budget is realistic, we can help come up with solutions that will provide the best value for your investment.

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Initial Walk-through

At your home, we usually spend about 30-60 minutes getting to know you and listening to your goals, desires, and any concerns you may have regarding the project. We won’t get into all the small details, but we will talk about your vision on a high level.

We will discuss the feasibility of your ideal budget range.  While we won’t know the exact cost of your project at this point, starting a discussion about cost will go a long way towards helping us direct you forward in the best way.  You may have many questions for us and we will leave time to answer those. We will also talk over our process and the next steps. 


After our initial walk-through, there are 3 possible outcomes from here:

  • OUTCOME 1:  We will move to the "Design Agreement Phase," where we will  set up a second meeting to go over a basic layout and sketch, go over some color and material selections, and view a 3D model (if applicable).  We provide these details in Design agreement, which requires your signature and a deposit typically 5% of the projected cost of the project.
  • OUTCOME 2:   If you already know exactly what you want, we can skip the second meeting, and move straight forward to the "Construction Agreement Phase."   The Construction Agreement is the final contract that will outline the scope of work, schedule, and payment terms.  This document also requires signatures, and a deposit.
  • OUTCOME 3: We agree we are not the right fit for your project, and part ways as friends.

Once you have signed the Design Agreement, and you have supplied your 5% deposit, we will start the Design Agreement Phase, where you make your selections.

Schematic Design Ideas

We will create a few “rough drafts” of possible design ideas for you to view with us.  In this phase we will narrow down the ideas you like best, and hone in on your final design.  If applicable, we can also create 3D renderings of your design.  Once you approve the final design, we will move right into the selection phase.

Material and Color Selections

Once you have viewed and approved the overall design/layout of your project (the big picture design), you can start selecting all of the fine details and finishes your project will need. These selections include things like cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, tile, paint colors, etc.  All of your decisions will be made here before the construction portion starts, which will help the process go much smoother in the long run.

Estimating & Documentation

While you are working with us, our team will also be hard at work finalizing all of the important construction details, so that we can have a fully completed set of construction documents ready to go. This will include any additional job-site visits, taking measurements and photographs, adding dimensions to drawings, creating wall sections, adding important notes, and (if necessary) having any engineering work evaluated for code compliance. After this phase, you are nearly ready to start construction!

Now that all of the details and costs for your project have been figured out, and your selections have been finalized, we will prepare for you a “Construction Agreement”.  This is the main contract that outlines the exact scope of work, the schedule, and the payment terms.

We will require your approval and signature to the Construction Agreement, plus any necessary deposits to move forward.

(Keep in mind: as long as you sign the Construction Agreement before the expiration, any design fees that you paid previously will be credited towards the first payment.)

This is the phase where we begin turning your ideas on paper into a reality.

After your Construction Agreement is signed, and any applicable permits are approved, we schedule and start your project. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to showing up for the start of the project, we will schedule a final “Pre-Construction Meeting” where we review all of the details about your project, and make sure we are all still on the same page.  This meeting includes everything from parking and dumpster location to accommodating pets. We will go over any questions you may have about the project schedule.  Remember, with our process, 99% of the details have been decided upon in the Design Agreement Phase.  This helps the construction proceed much smoother.

Project Manager

Our construction staff will take over from here. You will be assigned a Project Manager, and he will be your daily point person for your project.  He will be supervising and scheduling the work, solving problems, updating the schedule, and so forth, to ensure things run smoothly for you.  He will also be available to address any questions and concerns you may have.

We begin work on your project!  Our team of contractors and specialists will get to work implementing your design.

Our craftsmen will arrive at your home each day, equipped to transform your ideas into reality. Your project manager will regularly meet with you to review the progress. With our skilled crew, you’ll be in good hands.

If you’d like to learn more, or schedule your consultation, please contact us below.  We’d love to hear from you!