Our Difference

We believe that remodeling your home is about more than renovating your kitchen or choosing new paint colors. 

Our philosophy is that remodeling your home is about crafting the ideal long-term environment for you and your family, investing in your home’s market value, and improving your family’s quality of life at home. 

Considering these factors, we think it’s very important to carefully choose the right company to remodel your home.  Especially considering that much of this type of work is not easy to do to a high-standard of quality, nor is it easily changed once it is complete.

If you’ve spent much time researching home remodeling or renovation companies, or checking out their websites, you may have noticed that many of them sound alike.  They commonly use words like “experienced,” “professional,” and “qualified.

After reading so many generic descriptions like this, it can be difficult to know which home remodeling company to choose!

So, how are we different?

Yes - We are “experienced,” “professional,” and “qualified.

So, Why Choose Us?

We are Obsessed with the Details

We are Believers in "Uncompromising Quality"

We are Client-Centric

We Stand by Our Work with a 5-year Warranty

We are Good Communicators

We are Creative

We are Remarkable

We are Educated

We are Obsessed with the Details

It is one thing for a company to claim to be “detail-oriented,” but we try to take it a step further by being obsessed with the details.  It is our philosophical belief that the final outcome of any remodeling project relies upon the sum of its smallest details.  While any single detail may not make much of a difference in final the outcome of a project, the sum of dozens of those small details certainly DOES.  We believe in paying attention to the lowest level of details, in order to produce the best possible final outcome for you.

We are Believers in “Uncompromising Quality”

One of our favorite sayings is “Uncompromising Quality.”  Our belief in Uncompromising Quality encompasses not only what we expect from ourselves, but also our contractors, our craftsmanship, our materials, and even the tools and equipment that we choose.  When we work on a remodeling project for you, we are committed to not cutting any corners on quality… no matter how minor.

We are Client-Centric

At the end of the day, we understand that the most important thing in our business is your satisfaction.  We want to build a long-term relationship with you, and earn your referrals and repeat business.  We are not out to simply get a quick sale.  Rather than choosing to be a sales-focused company, or even a product-focused company… we choose to be a Client-Centric company.  We ultimately aim to please you, our client.

We Stand by Our Work with a 5-year Warranty

We have every confidence in our team and the quality of work we deliver to our clients. As a testament to this confidence, we guarantee our workmanship.  Whatever project we are involved in, we will stand by our workmanship.  Our guarantee lasts for five years from the end of the project.

During these five years, we are responsible for any workmanship issues that may arise as a result of our work.  It is important to note that the industry standard is a ONE year guarantee.  Unfortunately, this is barely enough time to judge the quality of the work done.  It is easy for exploitative contractors to deliver substandard work, knowing that their guarantee will not last long enough to test their workmanship.

So before you accept another company’s offer with a single-year guarantee, ask yourself whether you truly trust their workmanship.  It is your hard-earned money on the line.  Poor quality work will not only waste your money and time, it will cost you even more of it when you have to repair the damage later.  We are the company to choose if you want the confidence that you are adequately covered for 5 full years.  We are proud of the work we do, and are willing to stand by it

We are Good Communicators

Oftentimes, a homeowner’s home will be in a state of temporary disrepair during any large-scale remodeling project.  The associated disrepair and “stress of the unknown” during a project like this can easily upset even the most easy-going homeowner.  Unlike many contracting companies, we believe in the value of good communication with you – to stay in close contact with you during a project, and be available to address any questions or concerns that you may have.  We also believe in keeping you informed with timely updates, and moving projects along quickly to minimize the disruption to your life.

We are Creative

In the home remodeling industry, one of the most important (yet often overlooked) aspects you should consider when evaluating a company is their creativity.  After all, no two homes, and no two projects will be exactly alike, and each one will likely encounter a unique set of potential problems and obstacles.  We are creative problem-solvers, and will come up with outside-of-the-box solutions to overcome these obstacles in an optimal way using best-practices.

We are Remarkable

When it comes to hiring someone to perform serious work on your most valuable asset (your home), we recommend that you don’t settle for someone who is simply professional or qualified.  Instead, choose someone remarkable.   We seek not simply to meet your expectations… but to exceed them.

We are Educated

All of our managers hold advanced business degrees and/or MBAs.  We believe in the value of education – both inside and outside of the remodeling industry.  We believe in the life-long pursuit of learning, and mastering one’s chosen crafts.

What Else Makes us different?

We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time

We are Committed to Giving our Clients the Best and Most Helpful Information

We Have a Hand Picked Team

We Use the Best and Most Experienced Subcontractors

We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them

Our Clients Are Happy and They Keep Coming Back

We Adhere to a Written Code of Ethics

We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time

At Texas Trophy Remodeling, we confidently guarantee that your calls will be answered every single time.  Other contractors are content to put up their phone numbers on their websites, only for you to have to leave voicemails and wait forever to speak with someone.  Even worse, many never keep their promises to show up at agreed upon meeting times, forcing you to have to reschedule and waste your valuable time.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of courtesy to our clients. This means being available for your calls, and most importantly, showing up when we say we will.

Like everything else in life, unexpected things come up and we are not immune to such situations. If, for whatever reason, we cannot make it on time we will give you a call to inform you that we are running late. Our clients are the most important aspect of our business. As such, we do our best to maintain your confidence in us. You can trust our promise.

We are Committed to Giving our Clients the Best and Most Helpful Information

When was the last time a business gave you valuable information for free?  Our goal is to provide helpful information to our clients in the areas of home remodeling and renovation. This empowers you to make the best decisions regarding our services.

We have several means through which we keep our clients well-informed.  We have our website and blog, which we are constantly updating with new information.  We also periodically release E-books, and other handy informational-materials to keep you informed.  You also have access to our owners, and your project manager, if you have any questions about your ideas.

We have acquired many years of hard-earned experience in nearly every aspect of home remodeling. We have encountered just about every challenge homeowners go through, and we have come up with creative solutions every time. We are therefore very confident when we say that we are in the best position to educate our clients.

You can utilize our areas of knowledge and experience for your benefit.  So when we help you make an informed decision, you can feel confident about it.

We Have a Hand Picked Team

Any company is only as good as the team behind it.  Our team is not just good, it is great.  Each of our team members has a great deal of knowledge and experience within their respective areas of expertise.  Most importantly, they are all dedicated towards one over-arching goal; leaving you (our client) happy and satisfied.  No effort is spared towards achieving this goal.

Our owners are heavily involved in each remodeling or renovation project, ensuring that our interests are aligned with yours.  We also have project managers who will be responsible for overseeing each project.

In addition to our internal team, we have access to a long list of skilled laborers and vetted expert tradesmen, such as carpenters, painters, plumbers, and other specialists.  Our project managers are able to stay in constant communication with them, ensuring that each project is progressing smoothly and according to our schedule.

We are not a huge company, but we have a large enough team to handle each of our client’s case individually and with full attention.

We Use the Best and Most Experienced Subcontractors

When you allow us to complete a remodeling project in your home, you can rest assured that you will receive a superior-quality job.  Our quality assurance does not end with our immediate team; it extends to all subcontractors we hire for each project.  With the over-arching goal of providing our clients with the highest quality of services, we only partner with the best and most experienced subcontractors.

Our subcontractors are a “cut above” ordinary contractors in DFW.  Simply put, we hand-select the best contractors who we have seen follow the best practices, and who display the greatest amount of skill and care.  They are all seasoned specialists who have exhibited years of expertise in their craft, and we trust them enough to work on our own homes.  We have an existing team of electricians, plumbers and other specialized professionals who we hire for many of our projects. Having worked closely together on many projects, we can attest to the quality of their workmanship. 

 Every aspect of the project, whether done by a member of our team or by a subcontractor, bears our guarantee and mark of excellence.

We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them

Every project is different in many aspects. But one thing they all have in common is the fact that a problem will arise somewhere in the course of it. We have learned this from our years of experience remodeling Texas homes.

When we take on a project, we do so with full realization that we will likely have to deal with an unexpected problem or two.  This is why we are ever-ready for unexpected issues. Whether it is a small issue to do with an order delivery, or a major problem that requires completely rethinking the original plan, we are ready.

One thing that defines us is our ability to come up with timely and innovative solutions to remodeling problems. When a problem comes up, we will address the problem immediately with the aim of resolving it as quickly as possible.

As our client, you can rest comfortably knowing that your project is in the best hands. No matter what happens, our highly experienced people are available to handle every situation.

Our Clients Are Happy and They Keep Coming Back

Our repeat business is a sign that our clients are happy, and are more than willing to pay for our services again and again. We have a long list of happy clients, many of whom have sought our services repeatedly.

By leaving a positive lasting impression in our client’s minds, we turn them into loyal clients who will not hesitate to contact us again. Over the years, we have made numerous loyal clients, who have become like family to us. They have become our most ardent salespeople, selling our brand to their friends, neighbors, colleagues and families.

At Texas Trophy Remodeling, we measure our success based on the happiness of our clients. Considering how many clients have remained in contact with us, we can confidently say that we are a successful business.

We Adhere to a Written Code of Values and Ethics

Our services are driven by a strict code of ethics, which our team and subcontractors adhere to. They are as follows:

  • We strive to stay on the forefront in regards to superior quality and technology in the home remodeling industry.
  • We value customers over profits.
  • We only promote products and services of high quality which adhere to official health and safety standards.
  • All our contracts and warranties are written in such a way that they comply with requisite federal, state and local laws.
  • We will promptly respond, with appropriate action, to client complaints.
  • We will obtain and retain insurance coverage as directed by federal, state and local law.
  • We will obtain and retain registration and/or licensing as required by federal, state and local law.
  • We will take reasonable actions to protect the health and safety of our staff, contractors and clients.

This list is not just a written list of our code of ethics; it is our actual way of doing business. It represents our business model based on adherence to the law, proper treatment of our employees and contractors and the best service to our clients.