Living Space Remodeling

At Texas Trophy Remodeling, we offer total remodeling services for any living space in your home.  These spaces could include your living room, den, game-room, media room, dining room, or any other large gathering room.  

Oftentimes, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is where many homeowners wish to begin remodeling their homes.  This makes sense, as these rooms will likely yield the largest improvements in the overall appearance, feeling, and value of your home.  However, no home remodel is truly complete without addressing and updating the adjoining living spaces as well.  These make a huge difference!

A remodeled central living space can dramatically improve the ambiance of your entire home.  We know that you will love our options for luxurious living spaces.

We offer full living space remodeling and renovation services, ranging from (but not limited to):

  • Custom fireplaces, and fireplace upgrades
  • Faux ceiling beams
  • Custom carpentry (i.e., built in shelving, cabinets, and mantles)
  • Custom masonry work
  • Custom crown molding
  • Custom baseboards
  • Room reconfigurations
  • Paint, texturing, and sheet-rock work
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling fans and fixture upgrades
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • and more!

While each of the above upgrades in a living space can be beneficial on its own… the real beauty and function comes from tying it all together with a cohesive design.  By utilizing our total living space remodeling service, we can help you can achieve the best possible overall aesthetics and style, while optimizing your living space functionality and comfort.


If you are considering remodeling or updating the Living Spaces in your home, please contact us today to schedule your personal in-home consultation.


See some of our completed Living Space remodeling projects below: