Bathroom Remodeling

At Texas Trophy Remodeling, we offer premium full-service bathroom remodeling for any bathroom in your home.

We believe that remodeling your bathrooms is one of the best ways to freshen up and modernize the look and feeling of your entire home.  Remodeling your bathrooms is a way to add an element of luxury to your every day life – considering the fact that this will be the space that you will use every morning when you awaken, and every night before you head to bed. 

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.  To truly enjoy your bathroom to its fullest potential, it needs to be a space that you find comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful.  We know that you will love our options for spacious shower installs, luxurious bathtubs, stylish sinks and vanities, premium fixtures, and other custom touches. 

We offer full bathroom remodeling and renovation services, ranging from (but not limited to):

  • Custom shower installs
  • Bathtub upgrades (jetted and non-jetted)
  • Custom bathroom vanities and cabinetry
  • Custom bathroom counter tops
  • Sinks, faucets, & plumbing hardware upgrades
  • Custom mirrors
  • Toilet upgrades (for greater comfort, and water efficiency)
  • Flooring
  • and more!

While each of the above upgrades in bathroom can be beneficial on its own… the greatest beauty and function comes from tying it all together with a cohesive design.  By utilizing our total bathroom remodeling service, we can help you can achieve the best possible overall aesthetics and style, while optimizing your bathroom functionality and comfort.

Putting all of these and other elements together to craft a beautiful and functional bathroom can be challenging.  Texas Trophy Remodeling can help make this task easier.

There are a lot of things to think about when designing and remodeling your bathroom.  For example, if you and your spouse plan to use the bathroom at the same time, then we recommend you make sure to include extra cabinet space, extra countertop area, and double sinks.  If your bathroom has additional space, consider building “his” and “her” areas, with customized counters, cabinetry, and sinks for each of you.

If your master bathroom is tight on space, you may want to consider removing your bathtub to enlarge your shower space. How many times a year do you use your bathtub? The average use of a master bathtub is a few times per year, while the shower is used at least once a day. 

Here are a few other nice bathroom amenities that we offer our clients:

  • Heated floors with programmable thermostats
  • Body spray shower systems
  • Handheld shower heads
  • Built-in shelves and niches for shampoo
  • Custom shower benches
  • Custom glass shower enclosures
  • Custom cabinetry above your toilet
  • Natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tile flooring
  • Granite, quartz, and exotic surface countertops

If you are considering updating the bathrooms in your home, please contact us today to schedule your personal in-home consultation.


See some of our completed bathroom projects below: